Hakko Support Stands
Hakko Support StandsHakko Support StandsHakko Support Stands

Hakko Support Stands

The support stand is designed to allow for installation of a Hakko air pump on a wall. Built with rugged plastic construction.

Always mount your air pump above the water level of your pond or water feature. Do not rely on a one way check valve. The bottom of the air pump should be at least 2 inches above water level tp prevent backflow into the pump. A flooded pump will not qualify for warranty.

This is a special order item and we may have limited stock available. Call for more information.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
HK-S100/120 Hakko Support Stand HK100/120L C A L L C A L L
HK-S40/60/80 Hakko Support Stand HK40/60/80L C A L L C A L L
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